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Hot Gold's


Welcome to our web site!

A-town, stay down, be around, where  you can get the hotties golds in town or out of town and if u stay in the ATL u get one free 14kt. gold cap.

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We design the caps to fit your exact mouth by taking what's known as an impression of your mouth.We will send you a kit for $24.95. This kit contains materials that will allow you to make an impression of your teeth.  You then send the impression back to us. The finished product results in caps that fit perfectly....they will not fall or slip out. They will only come out when you willingly remove them and they will only fit you.




If u stay in the ATL and  u buy the above grill u get one free 14kt. gold cap.


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You can e-mail us at:

Hot Golds * 5140 hwy 92 * Douglasville * US * 30135